About Ashley Marlton

Ashley Marlton

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Dr. Ashley Marlton is a distinguished Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), known for her comprehensive expertise and compassionate approach to animal care. Her journey in the veterinary field is marked by a commitment to both emergency and routine animal health care, demonstrating her versatility and dedication.

In her personal life, Dr. Marlton is a devoted pet owner, sharing her home with four furry companions: two dogs, Madison (a Pomeranian) and Frederick (an Australian Shepherd), and two Siamese cats, Ginger and Luna. Her love for animals is not just professional but deeply personal, reflecting in the care she provides to both her patients and her pets.

Dr. Marlton’s blend of emergency care experience, volunteer spirit, and specialized interest in veterinary medicine positions her as a compassionate and skilled veterinarian. Her dedication to animal health and welfare, both in and out of the clinic, exemplifies her commitment to the field and the animals she serves.

  • Extensive experience in emergency care, having begun her career working as a veterinary assistant in a 24-hour emergency animal hospital in Michigan, equipping her with the skills to handle a wide range of urgent health situations.
  • Deep commitment to animal welfare, shown through her participation in volunteer spay and neuter trips while attending veterinary school, as well as ongoing volunteer work in her free time.
  • Special interests in veterinary medicine include dog and cat wellness, pathology, soft-tissue surgery, and internal medicine, showcasing her broad skill set and dedication to comprehensive animal health.
  • Veterinary Assistant at Emergency Animal Hospital (Michigan): Dr. Marlton’s early career in a high-pressure environment provided her with invaluable experience in managing acute veterinary emergencies, laying a strong foundation for her medical practice.
  • Volunteer Work: Dr. Marlton’s passion for animal welfare extends beyond her professional duties. She actively volunteers at local veterinary clinics, barns, and wildlife rehabilitation facilities, offering her expertise to animals in need.
  • Veterinary Practitioner: In her practice, Dr. Marlton focuses on areas she is most passionate about—wellness, pathology, soft-tissue surgery, and internal medicine for dogs and cats. Her approach is patient-centered, ensuring the best outcomes for her furry patients.

Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biochemical Sciences, Fort Collins. Dr. Marlton’s formal education and training have provided her with a deep understanding of veterinary medicine and biochemical sciences, equipping her with the knowledge to excel in her field.

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